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Busking Around The World

Busking Around The World revolves around the idea of promoting the talents of local performers (musicians, dancers, artists, craftspeople, entertainers, etc.) and encouraging more of a vibrant, walkable downtown area.

The term “Busking” represents the age old tradition of street performing, where various forms of entertainers would play for tips on busy corners and sidewalks in downtown areas.

This year we’re expanding our mindset, incorporating a multi-cultural component that promotes diversity. So, we’re going to represent and celebrate the many different cultures of the world.
Crowds will be able to walk around downtown on July 15th and immerse themselves in the cuisine, entertainment, crafts, and atmosphere of numerous cultures from across the world.

We’re very excited for our second year!

This will be a free event! It will be from 12pm to 5 pm on July 15th!

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