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“CarnEvil of Death” to be performed at LampLight Theatre

As October ushers in the season of fright, LampLight Theatre will be debuting a new Mortality Room production. Prepare your heart for the scare of your life with “CarnEvil of Death.”  This Halloween show plunges to the dark-side as an old beat up carnival rolls into a small town with a motley cast of sideshow oddities who cast a demonic curse on a group of teens.  This chilling production is not for the weak at heart.


As part of the City Youth League, high school students prepare for the town’s All Hallows Eve celebration.  Little do they know that their traveling carnival troupe of demons will soon wreak havoc and terrorize the souls of the most unexpected victims.  The “CarnEvil of Death” is hosted by a malevolent evil entity named Furia and assisted by the sinister Drudge Twins.  They will introduce you to a legion of nefarious demons.  These “fallen ones” summon Lucifer, who masquerades as Decessus, the Grande Marshal for this disturbing carnival.   


“CarnEvil of Death” exposes the dark realities of true life, which can be very disturbing.  When you step inside the big tent, the Grande Marshal will introduce you to a world of disbelief.  He uses his disguised sinister spirits to entice you to believe his lies.  Evil necromancers, sorcerers, and conjurors are only a part of his haunting menagerie.  When this legion of principalities is done with this band of teens, their mortal souls will hang in the balance of the “after life.” Perhaps yours will as well.


LampLight Theatre’s cast and crew are ready to present their ultimate Halloween experience.  This creepy production is staged under the big tent, complete with sideshow freaks and ominous carnies.  Mesmerizing illusions and special effects add to this gruesome production. Things aren’t always as they seem at 140 Broad Street in Downtown Kingsport.  Our fiendish ghouls are preparing to give you the scare of a lifetime, if you dare accept our invitation to the “CarnEvil of Death.”


We do want to warn that Mortality Room’s “CarnEvil of Death” is NOT for everyone.  Due to its true-to-life situations and scary images, this show is rated PG-13.    Performances will run October 7-31, Fridays through Sundays and Halloween night. Performances nightly at 6:30 PM with additional performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:00 PM.  The show’s seating is general admission with a suggested donation of $8. Reservations are recommended in order to guarantee times and seating.  Concessions will be available from 5:30 until 9:00.    


For Reservations and information please contact the LampLight box office at (423) 343-1766, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or online at



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