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Crossfit Kingsport: 3rd Annual Crossfit Games

3rd Annual CFK Games! Teams of 2 (M/F), RX and Scaled Divisions.
$5 Spectator fee accepted at the door.

Event 1:
8 min cap
Max clean & jerk
*one partner works at a time. Score is the total weight for the best 2 lifts.

Event 2:
7 min AMRAP
5- KBS (70,53) (44,26)
5- Pull Ups (Ring Rows)
5- Box Jump Overs (Box Step Overs)
5- Burpees
*partner 1 completes a round, then partner 2, so on and so on.

Event 3:
“Annie” 7 min cap
Double Unders
Sit Ups
*scaled: singles, ab mats allowed.
*partners can break up the reps as needed.

Top 4 teams will advance to the Championship!

Tickets available at the link below!

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