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Lamplight Theatre introduces new Foggy Valley Comedy.

“The Foggy Valley Murder Mystery”

A Whodunit Slapstick Comedy


KINGSPORT, Tenn., September 30, 2017 As Fall approaches, LampLight Theatre gears up with the next bizarre adventure from the Foggy Valley Gang.  Something strange is going on at the Goodin Family Funeral Parlor.  A severe storm has hit Foggy Valley and the Funeral Parlor has become a refuge for some peculiar, unexpected overnight visitors including Cleopha and Nydifer Blair and a mysterious foreign detective. A power outage allows for a murderer to escape the local jail. This is a sure recipe for mayhem as the Goodin Family and friends return to the stage in “The Foggy Valley Murder Mystery.”


Things go “bump in the night” and result in the murder of one of the unwanted guests.  With no phone service and roads blocked, the Foggy Valley Gang scrambles for protection. As the evening progresses, people disappear and pandemonium breaks out into hilarious bedlam. With the help of redneck “in house” security, the gang is determined solve the murder and catch the killer by following clues that have been left behind.  Needless to say, they take matters into their own hands.


Spoolie and Mama Goodin decide to have a little “memorial service” for the deceased while secretly trying to get to the bottom of things and flush-out the murderer. The service includes special music by The Goodin Family Singers, Miss Clementine Hogg, and Elvis Impersonator, Clovis Bodine. Flo Rakestraw will share her interpretive movement along with a special recitation from daughter, Ura.  Rev. Clyde Humperdink will bring a great message of revelation that is sure to expose the “sinner” (murderer) amongst them.


The audience will have the opportunity to solve the mystery.  The show will have surprise endings and will not have the same outcome each performance.  “The Foggy Valley Murder Mystery” will be presented by LampLight Theatre at The Emporium at 146 Broad Street in Downtown, Kingsport, TN with a Dinner Theatre on October 21st at 12:30PM and 6:00PM. Cost for the Dinner Theatre is Adults-$30/ Students-$25/ Children Under 12-$20. Doors will open one hour prior for both shows.     


For reservations and information, please contact the LampLight box office at (423) 343-7610, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or online at

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