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What’s your 100?

The City of Kingsport has launched a campaign called “What’s Your 100?”. It is an effort to encourage businesses and individuals to get involved with the centennial celebration.

Some examples include donating 100 hours to a nonprofit or giving the 100th customer something special. It also could mean doing something in the spirit of the centennial such as a restaurant having a centennial special, a brewery having a centennial beer, waiving 100 fees, or doing something grand like you’ve never done before (personal or professional).

DKA will be releasing the top 100 things you may not know about DKA starting January 1, 2017. A new fact will go out each day for 100 days. We are also giving away $100 Downtown Gift certificates to those people turning 100 in 2017.

The City of Kingsport will share the ideas, specials, etc on  They will create a section to promote all the businesses that participate. This is no cost to you and another fun and free way to advertise your business!

Please let us know by December so we can start promoting it at our New Year’s Eve Centennial Celebration Downtown!

Please let me know if you have any questions or feel free to contact Heather Cook, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the City:


Heather Cook

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

City of Kingsport

P: 423-229-9413



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