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Who are we?

Downtown Kingsport Association is a private, non-profit membership organization dedicated to the revitalization of Downtown Kingsport. Our purpose is to promote Downtown Kingsport as the heart of our community, strengthen its economic viability by encouraging growth and diversity among businesses, and restore its unique historical characteristics and beauty. The efforts of Downtown Kingsport Association are coordinated by a full-time Executive Director and support staff, an Executive Committee, a Board of Directors, volunteer committees, business owners, residents, and community leaders.


Why join Downtown Kingsport Association?

Our primary purpose here at DKA is the revitalization and prosperity of Downtown Kingsport, a goal common to all those with an interest in Downtown Kingsport. The only way we can achieve this objective is through the combined efforts of a number of different groups—our organization, city officials, current business owners, prospective business owners, residents, consumers, and all others who want to see our Downtown thrive. Becoming a Friend of the Downtown Kingsport Association provides these parties with a common forum to work toward the promotion of Downtown Kingsport.

For business owners, being a Friend of DKA provides numerous tools to help your business succeed. Whether your endeavor is in retail, hospitality, professional services, or otherwise,we have the experience and means necessary to help you achieve success.  Membership in DKA also places you among some of the oldest and most successful businesses in Downtown Kingsport. These and other businesses provide invaluable networking opportunities and resources for newer and prospective businesses.

For residents and other individuals, your support of Friends of DKA provides you with a means to get your opinion heard on issues affecting Downtown Kingsport. At DKA we bring individuals together and offer them the chance to communicate their opinions and concerns as a group on issues such as parking, services, etc.

Above all, the biggest benefit of joining Downtown Kingsport Association is fellowship with people who share a common passion for Downtown Kingsport. We are all working toward the same goal, and as a part of DKA, you’ll be connected with others who share a similar attitude.

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